I voted Remain and, whilst I am still of the view that there are a number of advantages in remaining a member of the EU, I believe we have to honour the result of the referendum and focus on getting the best deal possible.


Over the last few years, we have done nothing except talk about Brexit – and it’s taken years to make any sort of progress. Worse, all those other issues that affect people in our country, such as the NHS, welfare and education, have been largely ignored. In the meantime, the divisions between people have grown and grown to an almost unmanageable level.


We have to move past Brexit, deal with these divisions and focus on making decisions that will help to improve the lives of people in this country. A second referendum will not help us to achieve this as it will most likely result in another close decision and whichever side comes out on top won’t matter as the same arguments that have dogged us in the last few years will continue to dominate discourse.


We can achieve a better deal than the one currently on the table and it is a matter of great regret that the current government has failed to do so, despite more than three years of negotiations. We should be seeking, at the very least, firmer guarantees with respect to trade and alignment on security issues.


I will work hard to achieve the above if given the opportunity to do so. However, if I am faced with a choice between the current deal and no deal, I will vote for the current deal.