Dear Voter


Here we go again. Another general election with the same old parties peddling the same old messages. It’s time for a change and that’s why I, Iram Kiani, am standing as an Independent candidate in Altrincham & Sale West, my home constituency.


Over the last few years, I’ve felt extremely frustrated - like many of you, I’m sure - as the parties in Westminster have botched the most important negotiations in our country’s recent history, deferred decisions on major issues and failed to tackle those that matter to us: the economy, education, the NHS, social care, climate change, housing and homelessness, to name but a few.


It’s frightening how deeply divided our country has become and I’ve decided I can’t stand by and not try to make a difference. As an experienced commercial lawyer, I know how to work constructively with other people for the common good, deal with complex situations, negotiate successfully and find pragmatic solutions to difficult problems - which makes me ideally equipped to be your MP.


The parties in Westminster are deaf to our voices, but I believe that, whatever your age and whatever your position in life, you deserve to be heard – and, if you elect me as your representative, I promise you will be. I won’t be bound by the whims of party policy and I’ll work tirelessly with other MPs, whatever their political persuasion, who share my values to drive forward the change this country and our constituency needs.