We live in unsettling times. Our voices are lost in the din of party politics, with the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, etc more intent on scoring points over each other than in representing the millions of people who live in this country and who are more bothered about building a better life for themselves and their loved ones than on whether or not we stay in Europe.


I’ve had a lifelong interest in politics and was a member of the Labour Party for many years before I became disillusioned with its leadership, policies, failure to tackle serious issues like anti-Semitism within its ranks and fatal indecision over Brexit. It has never felt like the right time to get involved, but now I cannot stand by and not try to make a difference, not try to do something about the bile, vitriol and hatred that infects us all, whether we like it or not.

It’s frightening how deeply divided our country has become and it’s clear that we need to move past Brexit and focus on the myriad issues that matter to, and affect us, such as rebuilding our communities, tackling mental health issues which are rife, especially amongst our children and dealing more effectively with the biggest emergency of our lifetimes: climate change. All the mainstream parties claim to care about these issues and others such as the NHS, law and order, education, and the welfare system, but none of them has given any of these issues the time and attention they deserve - and they don’t listen to us, the people who are affected by the neglect of key services.

I’ve lived in Altrincham for over half my life and, whilst I know what makes it such a great place to be – it’s open, welcoming, entrepreneurial and independent – it’s affected, like the rest of the country, by the divisions that assail us and cuts in funding. I know what we can do to make this constituency and the rest of the country better and the key campaign messages I outline here are designed to do just that.


I’m standing because I believe that every voice is important and whatever someone’s age or position in life, they deserve to be heard. If I am elected as the MP for Altrincham & Sale West, I will serve the people, not a party and will work tirelessly with other members of Parliament who share my values to drive forward the change this country needs.